Because We Are Mothers.

Every now and then, we read and hear from the news of increasing rate of crime. We cannot deny that we are heading towards moral degradation, scandals and corruption. We put more police to reduce crime, we drill moral values into students’ head, we looked high and low for the right solution, but finally it all went wrong.

It is awful to know we are going to wait for more explosions of immoral activities, especially among Muslims. Our human society is severely ill, and the grounds for this mostly due to corruption of the family institution. As a result of colonialism and Western influence, vast majority of Muslim parents nowadays neglected religious education, instead they concentrated on Secular education to their children. They interpreted ‘Islamic education’ in the wrong way, which is only acquiring the knowledge of Quran, Hadeeth, Seerah, Fiqh etc without stressing on how much importance it is to embed the teachings of Quran and Sunnah, in constructing our children’s behaviour. Broadly speaking we have lots of super busy Muslim parents who left the job of educating to care-givers and schools, they failed to attend to their children’s needs and education.

As a matter of fact, most of parents are plenty busy, they spend maximum of time on building up the assets to build wealth for their future and children. How pathetic we are do not realize that our children is our true wealth. The Prophet (S.A.W) said: “When the son of Adam dies his actions come to an end except three things, a continuing charity or knowledge which gives benefit or a pious child who prays for him” -Sahih Muslim. That’s why the Arab people always tell their children, “Enta ‘umri” (You’re my life), it may have a wider and deeper meaning. It is undeniable that pious child is our assurance in this temporary life and the hereafter.

Of course Islamic education has the greatest objective. Islam emphasizes on character building of our children, prepare them for leadership, and developing an Islamic personalities, which enables them to impersonate the teachings of Quran and Sunnah in their daily life, to the end that our children are aware of their responsibility to the Almighty Allah and to the human beings.

Family is considered to be the cornerstone for building the right society. Parents particularly mothers play a vital role in the education of their children. Giving more religious teachings to our children is not enough, in fact we have dozens of religious schools in our country but nearly all failed to build our children and youth. Besides, it is extremely important for parents to spend time with their children at home, school, playground etc and establish an open channel of communication with them in which they are able to share their feelings and thinking.

The tumours of our social problems can be treated if the motherhood is taken as a serious responsibility. The role of mother in Islam is so noble and is no less in importance than the role of man as protector and provider. Children tend to be closer to their mother and spend more time with her; she knows all about their behaviour, emotional and intellectual development during their childhood and the difficult years of adolescence. Islam does not restrict women to stay at home, and be limited to raising children, but it emphasizes the importance of this task in building a healthy family and society. If a woman is capable to do social tasks without abandoning her main duties towards her children and family, she is requested to do so. Every Muslim, man and woman, is asked to contribute his/her utmost to be a productive useful member to his/her own society.

Mother have been called ‘School of the nation’ and also ‘The fountain of life’ . Hence the woman who understands the teachings of Islam and her own educational role in life, knows her complete responsibility for the upbringing of her children.There is no greater proof of that than the fact that intelligent and brilliant women have produced more noble sons than intelligent and brilliant men have. We can hardly find any among the great men of our ummah who have controlled the course of events in history, not indebted to his mother.

Zubayr Al-Awwam, for instance, was indebted for his greatness to his mother Safiyyah Abdul Mutalib. Her presence instilled faith, noble character and distinguished nature in him. Mrs Rasha Rantisi, the wife of As-syahid Dr Abdul Aziz Rantisi said, the woman who instilled in the seeds of greatness in As-syahid , in everything he achieved of power and status, was not her but his mother.

So, mothers, we carry huge responsibility of raising our children. We are the factory to produce and influence great Muslim men, and instilling noble values in their hearts. For they will realize their status as Khalifatullah to whom Allah has promised the authority, and bring peace to our human society and the universe.

Wallahu a’lam
p/s: Ada orang komen banyak kesalahan tatabahasa, maka silalah betulkan.


2 thoughts on “Because We Are Mothers.

  1. This piece of writing is undeniably good.

    I heard someone said something about mother being the guard of castle of aqeeda, and family is castle from castles of aqeeda, protecting people inside it from countless attacks from the world outside.

    The person said it's taken from Sayyid Qutb's words, from his tafsir of At-Tahrim.

    Is this words really his words, and is it true?

    Thank you.

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